“Why module configurators are essential for today's growing business dynamics”

3 April, 2018

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, what worked a few years ago might now be not-the-best approach. Organizations when initially choosing an ERP system usually expect that the initial setup of the ERP system is more than sufficient to suit all the business needs. But in reality it is often challenging to achieve this right from the outset.

There are various factors which might trigger the need to reconfigure the way a business uses an ERP system, example: profit and growth, a new business strategy, restructuring of teams for improved productivity, new-end users, mergers and acquisitions or merely improving user experience. All of which directly influence the way a business uses an ERP system.

Having the ability to change the configuration of the system easily as business-needs change is a real advantage for any ERP system.

mbas module configurators offer you the flexibility to choose process flows for a particular function, automate process-to-process data transfer, define business rules and support scalability as business grows.

These module configurators are available across the system and are applicable to all the functions (Finance, Sales, Inventory, Procurement, Manufacturing and HCM). They simply can be selected using a radio button selection option or can be enabled /disabled through a check box function by a permitted user. Some of the features include, but are not limited to auto generating a purchase invoice from GRN, enabling Invoice matching, application of rules that monitor a set budgetary limit, credit limit check at various points like order, Invoice etc.

To wrap it up, as a business grows, different problems and opportunities demand different solutions an ERP system should empower a business, ease out complex business processes and bring in efficiency by offering a simple to use system rather than limiting a business with unwanted system costs and sophisticated features. We at mbas strive hard to help businesses innovate, grow and stay ahead of competition.