Smart Retail

Smart retail is an integrated retail management system which includes end to end inventory management, procurement, terminal sales, and business accounting.

Retail Companies around the globe face stern challenges to streamline their inventory, point of sales terminals & financials to maintain data transparency, stock availability as per volatile market demand and quick decision making ability to meet the areas wise demand of all stores enabling quick replenishment of right stock.

It is required to have proper visibility of stock at multiple distribution & retail locations and fulfilment of stock at the right time. Industries expect seamless integration of business functions, robust processes in the current modern technology enabled world which is offered by mbas Smart Retail solution. It empowers organizations to increase profitability and customer retention.

  • Ensures real time stock, orders, sales, and financial information.
  • Customer and inventory data share across retail outlets/stores/locations
  • Auto-Trigger indents for items reaching reorder levels
  • Maintaining stock with stock type, lot, location and bin
  • Automatic posting of financial accounts and the inventory postings
  • Automatic generation of credit note against returns 
  • Automatic Postings into Ledgers, Control Accounts, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Account & Balance Sheet, Cost Centre, and Profit centre Reports etc.
  • Maintain multiple tills in a single retail store
  • Enables touch screen at POS
  • Supports multiple currency at till
  • Facilitates multiple sale at a single till
  • Flexible tender options like cash, credit card, debit card, cheques, gift coupons and Sodexho
  • Integration with cash drawer, printer, bar code scanner, RFID, customer display unit, magnetic card stripe reader etc.
  • End-of-the-day summary reports by cashier/sales rep/item/tender type etc.
  • Supports sales returns
  • Multi-dimensional stock & inventory reports
  • Facilitates periodic and perpetual accounting, multi-branch
  • Improves productivity by enhancing core functionalities.
  • Reduced operating cost and inventory cost
  • Enhanced transparency & control across the supply chain by the ability to involve suppliers in planning, flow of information across value chain
  • Effective control of retail operations & merchandizing
  • Efficient workflow, Inventory, order, sales, enterprise resources
  • Enhanced decision making capabilities due to the availability of consolidated view of sales performance and customer behavioural patterns
  • Optimal utilization of organizational resources & lower cost of operations due to the implementation of best inventory and warehouse management practices
  • Real-time stock, orders, sales, and financial information.
  • Better management and traceability of the retail business and its processes
  • Efficient tracking of items and current stock levels
  • Automated and streamlined planning and retail processes and their alignment with strategic goals
  • Flexibility of collections
  • Pre-defined templates to assist data migration from spreadsheets to Smart Retail
  • Smart retail is all-in-one cloud based POS solution simplifying your business with multi-taxation, multi-location and real time analytics.
  • It enables data transparency from the sales transaction at the POS, via automatic replenishment up to assortment and production planning.
  • Quick overview of branch-wise stock levels, product pictures, registration of staff working hours, registration of incoming goods, branch wise prices, statistical analysis, etc are some of the salient features in smart retail solution
  • Smart retail offers scalability for growing businesses / retail chains across global