Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is a purposely designed neat solution for manufacturing companies involved all kind discrete and process manufacturing activities looking for an ultimate solution to enhance responsiveness, on time manufacturing & delivery of the right product as per customer demand.

Manufacturing industries around the world face challenges to access information across the organization to strategize their decision making ability, sync with the value chain of their supply chain partners and the ability to scale their operations to match volatile market demand.

Smart Manufacturing solution from mbas helps in continuously increasing efficiency and efficacy of various resources across the organization and supply chain by integrating multiple areas of business and boost information flow among these areas along with smart dashboards to take right decisions at the right time to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Multi-level BOM with the option to revise as per design changes
  • Dynamic routing, on time production order status tracking
  • “What if” scenario analysis to solve complex business challenges and to compute the unexpected demands
  • Demand consolidation through Master Scheduling
  • Centralized Planning & tracking of production order till settlement
  • Independent items planning in Master Scheduling
  • Facilitates periodic and perpetual accounting, multi-branch
  • Taxes, and budgeting & segment reporting
  • Landed cost reflection at individual item level for accurate inventory valuation
  • Increases operational efficiencies and reduces costs.
  • Increases production efficiency Minimizes manufacturing lead time and meets customers’ demand with flexible scheduling options
  • Improves efficiency of shop floor operations with accurate and real time production information
  • Gains detailed cost analysis capabilities Monitors new product developments
  • Good inventory practices and warehouse management
  • Pre-defined templates to assist data migration from spreadsheets to Smart Manufacturing
  • Provision for flexible definition of direct and indirect overheads, integrated with production order cycle
  • Auto generated production order based on production planning.
  • Provides real-time visibility at every phase of production including raw materials, intermediates, byproducts and final products