Smart Distribution

Smart distribution is a specially crafted solution for organizations having multiple distribution locations and looking to manage all kind of stock movements with proper visibility of stock and want to enhance overall responsiveness of the whole supply chain.

Businesses face challenges to access information across the value chain; move stock around different delivery centres, empower supply chain partners to implement quick resolutions. Smart distribution from mbas helps in continuously increasing resource efficiency, integrates information channel across organization enhancing responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Its web based, mobility in-built, easy-to-use aims to deliver better user satisfaction, optimum control and real time visibility across the value chain.

  • Seamless transfer of stock between the warehouse, location and Stores
  • Maintains proper stock as per defined safety stock level
  • Supports centralized, semi-centralized and de-centralized purchases.
  • Warehouse Management system facilitates multi-level storage structure.
  • Inventory valuation methods –FIFO, Weighted average. Multi-level authorization.
  • Documents scan and upload.
  • Comprehensive Pre-sales management.
  • Effective Customer credit check management.
  • Supports Multi-country, multi-regional & multi-organization.
  • Support Multi period.
  • Common chart of accounts for multiple Sub organizations.
  • Multi-dimensional view of accounting information through segments.
  • Supports transaction entry in multiple currencies.
  • Effective leave process management.
  • Bio-metric integration for Attendance. 
  • Facilitates periodic and perpetual accounting, multi-branch
  • Reduces Operating Cost and Inventory Cost.
  • Increase in Profit Margins.
  • Reduces Delivery cost.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Decreases inventory write offs & write downs.
  • Analysis of product-wise and profitability.
  • Improves employee satisfaction.
  • Compliance to the statutory requirements made easy.
  • Maintenance of the employee wise skill matrix
  • Pre-defined templates to assist data migration from spreadsheets to Smart Distribution
  • The solution enables accurate information on different ordering systems and methodologies helping achieve customer satisfaction, one of key performance indicators of the distribution industries.
  • Smart Distribution solution provides distributors to have an exceptional plan to manage customer expectations resulting in retaining valuable customers.
  • Distribution solution provides rich user experience and intuitiveness empowering users at different levels to achieve organization goals.