Point Material Management

mbas material management solution is a targeted solution for the organizations looking to enhance their supply chain visibility by managing inventory and procurement activities as per the industry best practices.

With ever changing global business dynamics and cutting edge supply chain requirements there is a constant need for higher visibility, collaboration, overall speed & accuracy to get the right product procured in the right time in right budget.

mbas material management solution will ease your material management operations by managing the entire cycle from procurement to consumption, offering best in class information sharing and reporting capabilities and will take your business to heights.

  • Supports centralized, semi-centralized and de-centralized purchases
  • Create unlimited number of warehouses
  • Supports Multi currency conversions
  • Track and control inventory Lot Number, Manufacturing and Expiry Date
  • Supports Concurrent Stock Reconciliation
  • Improve your cash flow with balanced stock, no more stock-outs or cash tied up in excess stock.
  • Reduce time spent searching for lost inventory
  • Improve warehouse space utilization
  • Significantly reduced lead time
  • Pre defined templates to help you easily move from spreadsheets to order management software
  • Rich features to scale up as business grows.
  • Handle credit and returns with ease